Sheaffer 1m Cabinet
Designed against a brief for a high quality illuminated but very practical display cabinet, this unit is distributed around the world. The display shelves swing out with the rear doors. A massive storage drawer is incorporated and all parts can be replaced or updated on site.
Computer Visual
Sheaffer Frankfurt Exhibition
Measuring 13m x 7m x 4½m, this exhibition stand was designed to bring elegant drama to the Sheaffer brand..
Top Left - Computer visual
Top right - Photograph
Left - Computer visuals
Bottom - Photograph
Calligraphy Display
This is a rotating display merchandiser using our knockdown system to take the full range of calligraphy products. Uses our BOZZ system.
Sheaffer Centre
The pressure on space in retail environments led to this rotating display merchandiser holding both behind glass and peg products as well as incorporating a tester area and storage.
Sheaffer Intrigue Limited Edition Pen Box
We designed and produced a limited edition pen box for the new Intrigue pen in painted ABS and tinted acrylic with a soft feel interior. Our full CAD facilities made this possible.
Sheaffer 'Shuttle' Display
A low cost on counter rotating display merchandiser for the new Javelin pen.
POS Concepts
Sheafer Frankfurt Revised Stand
When Sheaffer changed their logo style we adapted the Frankfurt exhibition stand to suit. Shown above are photos of some of the window displays with the computer visual shown in top right.
Sheaffer 'Rocket Display'
Part of the Sheaffer POS suite, this is a rotating lockable display merchandiser carrying all of the various Sheaffer pen boxes and products. Like all the other material this is distributed throughout the world.
Sheaffer POS
Produced from painted injection mouldings and vacuum formings, the Sheaffer POS suite is distributed throughout the world.
Here are a few examples.
Pen Tester Pad
Low cost QA cabinets
Using our patented BOZZ2 system, these timber finished cabinets are exported flat packed around the world.
Sheaffer Department at Kiel Store, Germany