Disability Discrimination Act compliant Touchscreen Kiosk
Our touchscreen kiosks were designed from the outset to be Disability Discrimination Act compliant whilst enhancing usability for all.
The exceptionally robust construction in powder coated steel accommodates and adapts to a wide range of client specified hardware, software and functions allowing easy and economical production and updating. The kiosk readily accepts graphic and advertising panels whilst lending itself to incorporation into larger surrounding structures in retail, exhibition and public environments.
adapt2u at Tate Britain
The kiosk is used here as part of a complete presentation (also designed and produced by Bozeat Palmer) for the selection and purchase of fine art prints which are produced off site.
Museum of Modern Art, New York, Photo
Art on Demand
These installations use our adapt2u Disability Discrimination Act Compliant touch-screen Kiosks.
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Photo
Kew Gardens, Photo
Atlanta World of Coke, Atlanta, Rendition
The Natural History Museum, London